Welcome. Since 1997, our parent company, U-Write, has provided hospitals and clinics customizable patient education brochures. During this time, many of our customers asked us to expand our line. And many asked us to provide a simpler format than our 4-panel brochures. So we created People-Sheets.

Just like our 4-panel brochures, these sheets are shipped WITHOUT the text in place. This means that your handouts will say exactly what you want them to say, in the languages that you need, at the reading level that's appropriate.

To help you visualize the possibilities, we've created one or more Microsoft Word text files for every item. Download these via the links to the left, or by using the "Free Medical Content" link at the top of every page. But don't feel restricted to the topics available as text files. The advantage of People-Sheets is their flexibility. If you have ANYTHING to communicate, it's quite likely that we have a sheet that will work. Do try us out. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.