Are Review Sites Helpful?

In the age of maximum business transparency, consumers are almost always seeking online business reviews to make decision making easier in choosing goods and services. This can be a great benefit to local businesses but in some instances, it can also lead to misleading reviews.

The one review site that a lot of people go to is Yelp. This is perhaps one of the worst review sites you can go to to get a real sense of the business because many people use it to air out their dissatisfaction. Think about it, what does the word “yelp” mean? It has a negative connotation for a reason. Do a quick experiment. Check out reviews on a local business. Now look at the Yelp reviews and compare them to Google reviews. In a lot of cases, you’ll notice that the Yelp reviews tend to be more negative compared to the picture that Google reviews paint.

Check out this example. Say a company has the following reviews.

Google reviews: 4.9 star average with 35 reviews.
Home Advisor reviews: 4.8 star average with 24 reviews
Yelp reviews: 4 star average with 4 reviews

thumbs up

Now a 4 star average is pretty good, but you get the picture. Besides, this business happens to provide really good service but can you imagine one that provides good, but not excellent, service? It might get blasted by Yelp but Google and Home Advisor will paint a much better and more realistic picture. This can really hurt the business and that is the point PeopleSheets is trying to show.